Unhealthy Foods

Some of the healthy food that a person eats and their health status. As people eat more and more unhealthy fast food with a high amount of sugar and fats, they will undoubtedly gain weight and increase their waistline. As this happens they will increase their cholesterol levels and their blood pressure while increasing their blood sugar. All of these metabolic effect of unhealthy food then increase the risk of developing several chronic diseases and having a number of health problems from strokes to early death.unhealthy foods, unhealthy fast food

The most unhealthy foods tend to snacks that are high in sugars or fats. Candy is one of the worst since it contains a lot of sugar. Candy bars and other sweets  are designed to satisfy the sugar receptors in the mouth and release that sugar quickly to create a sugar ‘buzz.’ This sugar buzz is followed by a sugar crash, which leads to the person wanted to have more sugar. This cycle of high and low is a rollercoaster of poor eating as the person never becomes satisfied by their foods. The simple sugars of candy can sweets are releases so quickly that the body gets cravings. Therefore a person eats more than they should and consumes a lot of excess and empty calories.

Fast food is also very unhealthy. This category of food tends to include a lot of fried items that can be prepared quickly. French fries and chicken nuggets are immersed in hot oils to be cooked and obtain a lot of fats in the process. This contributes to their great taste but also makes them very high in fat content. Fast foods also tend to be very calorically dense with few vitamins and nutrients. Since the food is designed to be portable, there tend to be a lot of calories in small packages. This means that people tend to eat more quantity of food because there are more calories per pound in the food. Fast food does not include many foods that make you feel full, such as vegetables or other foods with fiber.

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Desserts are one of the most common types of unhealthy food. Made from butter, sugar, cream, and other items, they contribute greatly to the weight problem in our country. These unhealthy foods taste so good that they are hard to resist and people have a hard time saying no. Many people have lost the ability to control their consumption and therefore run into problems with food. This cycle continues as people have a horrible diet and continue to eat unhealthy foods.

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