Eating Junk Food Dangers

A junk food diet can be very dangerous to people to eat on a regular basis. Most junk food contains a large amount of sugars and fats that make the food very high in calories. High calorie food tends to be very low in nutritional value. Therefore eating junk food can have many different adverse health consequences. Some of them include the problem of weight gain and obesity. These issues then progress into heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. People do not realize that the food that they eat can have cumulative effects on their body. As people eat junk food over their lifetime, all of the negative effects add up. That is why some states are considering banning junk food or taxing it in order to help control the consumption of these unhealthy food items.

A junk food ban would eliminate some of the worst items from the market so that consumers are not exposed to their dangers. Since there are so many types of junk food, the ban would target certain foods with poor nutritional value. For example, one ban could apply to foods with a fat content of over 200 calories per serving. Others could target foods with a sugar content of over 200 calories or a combination. This type of ban would influence junk food makers to reduce the sugar and fat content of their foods to make them slightly more healthy. Most government organization do not want to eliminate foods, but just make them more healthy and safer for the population to consume.junk foods, eating junk food

There are different levels of junk food. Some are more and less healthy than others. The less healthy ones tend include fried items that contain a lot of fat. These include potato chips and french fries. Other types of less health junk foods are desserts. These cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and cookies are very high in fat and calorically dense, making them very hard to resist and bad for consumers. The more healthy junk food types include those that have some nutritional value. These tend to include fruity yogurt brands or cottage cheese mixed with canned fruit. These quick sources of food come in small packages and compete with more traditional junk food since they are so easy grab quickly. They still contain a large amount of sugars in the fruit syrup but at least they are combined with a dairy product that provides some nutritional value.

The culture of convenience and speed has greatly considered to the rise in junk food. At the same time we are exercising less and do not burn as many calories. So the high calorie foods have a much greater effect. There are now much higher rates of obesity and diabetes that can be linked to junk food consumption. These diseases add a large part to the unhealthy state of our country and high health insurance premiums. The other element of the problem is that junk food tend to be relatively inexpensive. Good, healthy food tends to cost more and therefore people will go for what is cheap. This has created the widespread adoption of the junk food diet that is causing problems in our country.